Buying or Selling a Home around Killeen, TX?

Spring is here and many of us are “spring cleaning”! However, some people are spring cleaning and preparing to purchase or sell a home in Killeen, TX. Here at NextHome Tropicana Realty, we pride ourselves on keeping the community informed. We have a few tips to offer you.

*Advice for Home Buyers*

  • Know what you need versus what you want
  • Know your budget
  • Find an agent that you trust

*Advice for Home Sellers*

  • List your property now versus later
  • Be sure to know the market price for your property
  • Ensure that your property has eye-catching appeal ( free of clutter, nice landscaping and etc.)


One last thing, if you are looking to buy be sure to “LOOK FOR LUKE” …

If you see him, take a picture, and post it to our Facebook or Instagram page. You will then be entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift card for Texas Roadhouse!

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